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Employee Coaching

Moving employees from good to great: Employee coaching

Organizations and Employees prioritize degree/skill-based hiring, which can be a misleading indicator of success in the future. Studies have shown that 80% of employee success is driven by EQ, compared to 20% for IQ. As quoted by industry leaders – hire those with the right attitude and not necessarily skills. Having an all-star team does...
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business model for a startup

What makes for a Business Model for a Startup?

Startups often overlook creating a business model; when initially conceptualising their idea, but this can be a crucial mistake. Everyone from first-time founders to experienced veterans at the helm should prioritise developing a business model to identify how they create and deliver value to customers, employees and stakeholders. According to a survey conducted in 2017,...
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Breakthrough sales strategy

Breakthrough strategy for breaking down the sales barrier

Sales are at the heart of the company’s operations, crucial in managing customer relations, gaining insight into the quality of the products and services, and maximizing revenues. Modern Day salespeople find customers more accessible due to technology adoption such as automation, big data, and customer relationship management. Despite the increased accessibility and various outreach tools...
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Battling jumbled up priorities

Business Leaders: Battling jumbled up priorities?

Effective leadership can seem daunting in today’s dynamic market, with business leaders finding many takers for their time. A survey conducted across 35,000 organizations found that 77% of the participants complained about a lack of leadership at the helm. Day-to-day distractions, resolutions for immediate situations, and challenges get prioritized, taking the leadership’s focus away from...
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product strategy

How to ace your Product Strategy?

Have you ever wondered about the secret sauce to the success of seven companies like Amazon, Ikea, Microsoft, or Coca-Cola? The common denominator in achieving their global ambitions is their product strategy. A survey conducted across top organizations shows that nearly 70% factor in their product strategy when making critical decisions, such as the marketing...
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