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The Lean Startup

The Lean Start-Up: The Future of Entrepreneurship

Are you tired of pouring time and money into a product that may not even work? One common mistake startups make investing heavily in a product idea before verifying its market viability or success. Don’t let this hold you back any longer – by embracing the lean startup approach, you can validate your product and...
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employee centric culture

An employee centric culture could be a winning formula

Nearly three years after the pandemic hit and the job market turned over its head, companies are still trying to understand the best way to engage and retain their employees. After all, A recent Gallup poll showed that only 20% of all employees were fully engaged at the workplace globally. The same study showed that...
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Potion for business success

The formula for Sustained Business Success

Have you ever heard of an entrepreneur establishing a business to make ends meet and not for business success? Of course not!  Businesses start with BHAG vision & goals for business success. All entrepreneurs dream of belonging to the top tier of the business cycle. While it’s a great dream turning it into a reality...
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