executive coaching in india
Employee Coaching

Moving employees from good to great: Employee coaching

Organizations and Employees prioritize degree/skill-based hiring, which can be a misleading indicator of success in the future. Studies have shown that 80% of employee success is driven by EQ, compared to 20% for IQ. As quoted by industry leaders – hire those with the right attitude and not necessarily skills. Having an all-star team does...
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High-Impact Coaching

How Important is High-Impact Coaching?

Coaching is an indispensable tool to help leaders manage the transition, new responsibilities, challenges faced as a leader, or the need for fresh perspectives on their potential and business strategies. A survey conducted in 2021 revealed that 67% of the participants said that coaching increased employee engagement and satisfaction, while 60% said it improved employees’...
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Primal Leadership

What Drives Great Performance is Primal Leadership

In the current times of change and uncertainty, employees look to leaders for reassurance and conviction, which calls for effective Leadership. Leaders are mandated to address expressed and unexpressed fears of their team to keep them focused on the job at hand and prevent emotional turbulence from impeding productivity.  In 2001, a study by Daniel...
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