Business Management During COVID-19

Business amid COVID-19 – Time to re-look at your marketing

Today, amidst the changing business scenario on account of COVID 19, one thing that has drastically changed is the customer purchase journey. This has pushed most businesses to consider the alternate mode of communication – the virtual media.  This, in turn, has mandated the need to re-look at their marketing and adapt. Be where their customers are – in the virtual domain.

What is required of you as an entrepreneur?

First and foremost, focus on the customer experience. Upping the antenna on customer experience is the key. Be compassionate. Maximize the perceived value of your offerings. This is the time to under commit and over-deliver. Induct feel-good messages, add empathy to your messaging, find ways to educate your customers and engage with them. Be proactive, ensure timely responses. Invest in building relationships, now ever than before relationships matter as they instil confidence in your offerings.

Change your sales approach from ‘Ask and Sell’ to ‘Help and Give’. This needs to resonate across all your touchpoints virtual or physical.

Sanitize, clean talk about it and make it visible to your customers as best you can to gain back their confidence in you as a responsible brand.

Communicate. Communicate Communicate. Today is a brand new market with an altered set of customers, so communicate as you would if your launching yourself in the market. You not only need to get new customers you need to win back your existing ones.

Tailor your communication to suit digital media. Add tools and means to make your message stand out such as video testimonials, blogs, vlogs etc.  Tailor your content to serve right across all media that serves digital content.

Once you open back for business post lockdown ANNOUNCE – announce your reopening, announce your deals, announce your changed norms of doing business. This is essential for customers not only to know you are back and thriving but also to set the right expectations.

Need for more marketing is a given, but the marketing plans may need a revisit. Choose your platforms of communication carefully. Ensure they fit your offering and effectively reach your audience.

Use commonsense. Do not blindly follow the innumerable advice and suggestions that come your way. Put your thinking cap on, create a marketing strategy that aligns with your Business strategy and works for your business, not one that worked for someone else’s business.

Last but not the least MEASURE. This is a unique aspect of digital media that we often overlook. The key to success in digital marketing id test, measure and adapt. While digital media being overcrowded offers challenges in getting the right visibility, it is also a media that offers you measurability and flexibility to change course like no other media.  So make sure you use that to your advantage.

Meanwhile, friends stay safe.

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