Science of selling

Science of SALES

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Science of Selling

A Sales Effectiveness training that delivers results.

Is sales an Art or Science?

Sales is an art as it needs to be customised as the customer.
On the other hand the way an individual makes a decision is a science.
This is where Art meets Science.
Can we use the science of effective conversations to change the effectiveness of our sales.

Science of Selling Value Matrix

Whether it’s building your pipe line, improving closures, enhancing profitability of deals or retaining customers or increasing the customer’s bucket size all can be achieved with the right approach, skill enhancement and some tools to help you along.

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A Sales effectiveness Training That Promises results.

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Some Workshops

  • ” If we implement what we have learned today, our business would grow by leaps and bounds.”

    Vaibhav Batra
  • “It was an eye-opener session and yes we all learned a lot of things” 


    Amit Chaturvedi |VChic
  • ” A very interesting session, learned a number of strategies that I believe I can implement in my business” 

    Harish | JustProtex