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Ethique Business Acceleration Club

The quickstart coaching program for entrepreneurs with success as the goal!

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Your GIVE in the Programme:

90 Minutes

90 Mins of time investment to work ON your business with the aim to grow it into a  profitable, thriving enterprise.


Focus on continual personal development and learning new concepts.


Leverage capital for return on your profits and life.

About Ethique Business Acceleration Club …

Ethique Business Acceleration Club is a group coaching platform designed to help entrepreneurs build a strong foundation around the key fundamentals of business.
It is a UNIQUE  business Coaching program.

Ethique Business Acceleration Club - REAL People. REAL Results.
An affiliate of ActionCOACH
Business Acceleration

What does the program entail?

  • The program is broken into 2 parts of 3 months each.
  • 4 business building workshops of 90 minutes each, every week.
  • Each session is tailored to provide tools and techniques to set the participants on the growth path.
  • Prepare for Interactive and activity-based, that coach you to put your learning to practice.

Business Coaching Programs at Ethique Business Acceleration Club encourage members to execute their business strategies in earnest to taste the results and share their feedback on both successes and challenges.

So, here is a question for you – Are YOU working ON the business or IN the business?

Be honest with yourself do not cringe if you arrive at “in” the business as the answer. Unfortunately, the majority of business owners are guilty of the same while we all know the right answer should be “ON” the business.

The intention of starting a business was not to find yourself another job-one that may or may not pay you as the job you left. Rather the intention was to set up a company that made a difference and for you to lead the enterprise.

Shockingly 4 of 5 businesses fail to make the cut and shut doors within 5 years of starting.  80% fail to clear the 2-year mark.

Even more surprisingly less than 100 business owners ever create the wealth, lifestyle or level of success they intended.

One can change these numbers. You can miss being one of these alarming stats – that is what the Ethique Business Acceleration Club is all about!

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